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1981-Present: Since 1981, the proceedings of Scottish Archaeological Forum conferences have been published individually and details of these are listed below, most recent first.

1961-1981: During this period, conferences were run annually and the proceedings of each published in a series. These 12 volumes are no longer available for purchase but are held at University and National Libraries. Details of these volumes are listed here.

Scottish Odysseys book cover

Scottish Odysseys: Archaeology of Islands

Gordon Noble, Tessa Poller, John Raven and Lucy Verrill (eds.) 2007, 192 pages, ISBN: 978-0752441689 Scottish Archaeological Forum, Tempus Publishing Ltd.

This volume is available through:

Modern Views cover

Modern Views - Ancient Lands: New work and thought on cultural landscapes

Emma Carver and Olivia Lelong (eds.) 2004, viii+143 pages, ISBN: 1841716553 Scottish Archaeological Forum, British Archaeological Reports, British Series.

This volume is available through:

Townships to Farmsteads: rural settlement studies in Scotland, England and Wales
John A. Atkinson, Iain Banks & Gavin MacGregor (eds.) 2000
British Archaeological Reports

The Loved Body's Corruption: Archaeological Contributions to the study of Human Mortality
Jane Downes & Tony Pollard (eds.) 1999
Cruithne Press. ISBN 1 873448 06 6


Haley, S. Death and after death
Parker-Pearson, M. Fearing and celebrating the dead in southern Madagascar
Downes, J. Cremation: a spectacle and a journey
Pollard, T. The drowned and the saved: archaeological perspectives on the sea as grave
Beattie, O. Sleep by the shores of those icy seas: death and resurrection in the last Franklin exhibition
Bevan, B. The landscape context of the Iron-Age square-barrow burials, East Yorkshire
Stoddard, S., Wysocki, M. & Burgess, G. The articulation of disarticulation: preliminary thoughts on the Brochtorff Circle at Xaghra (Gozo)
Wicker, N.L. Infanticide in late Iron Age Scandinavia
Samson, R. The church lends a hand
Richmond, M. Archaeologia Victoriana: the archaeology of the Victorian funeral
Reeve, J. & Cox, M. Research and our recent ancestors: post-medieval burial grounds
Roberts, C. The modern scourge: reflections on tuberculosis old and new
Boyle, A. A grave disturbance: archaeological perceptions of the recently dead
Kirk, L. & Start, H. Death at the undertakers
Hunter, J.R. The excavation of modern murder

Nationalism and Archaeology
J.A. Atkinson, I. Banks & J.O'Sullivan (eds.) 1996
Cruithen Press. ISBN 1 873448 11 2

Banks, I. Archaeology, nationalism and ethnicity
Hingley, R. The shared moral purposes of two empires and the origins of Romano-British archaeology
Tierney, M. The nation, nationalism and national identity
Mac Giolla Chriost, D. Northern Ireland: culture clash and archaeology
Dennell, R. Nationalism and identity in Britain and Europe
Stout, M. Emyr Estyn Evans and northern Ireland: the archaeology and geography of a new state
Pluciennik,M. A perilous but necessary search: archaeology and European identities
Boreland, D. Anglophobes and Anglophiles: some early accounts of Ireland
Atkinson, J.A. National identity and material culture: decoding the Highland myth
Ross, R. Henri Pirennne and the legitimisation of Belgium
Clarke, D.V. Presenting a national perspective of prehistory and early history in the Museum of Scotland
Gillberg, A. & Karlsson, H. The use of the past in identity creation: the quest for a Swedish history; exhibition, 1994
Sharples, N. Nationalism or internationalism: the problematic Scottish experience
Quinn, M. Reading the swastika, constructing the symbol
Turner, V. Beloved Thule: Shetland at the centre
Mouliou, M. Ancient Greece, its classical heritage and the modern Greeks: aspects of nationalism in museum exhibitions
Breeze, D.J. Archaeological nationalism as defined by law in Britain
Dolukhanov, P.V. Archaeology and nationalism in totalitarian and post-totalitarian Russia

Beyond the Brochs: changing perspectives on the Later Iron Age in Atlantic Scotland
Ian Armit (ed.) 1990
Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 0 7486 0197 X

Harding, DW. Changing perspectives in the Atlantic Iron Age
Lane, A. Hebridean Pottery: Problems of definition, chronology, presence and absence
Hedges, J.W. Surveying the foundations: life after brochs
Nieke, M.R. Fortifications in Argyll: Retrospect and future prospect
Smith, B. New insights into Later Iron Age settlement in the north
Foster, S.M. Pins, combs, and the chronology of Later Atlantic Iron Age settlement
Armit, I. Brochs and Beyond in the Western Isles
Hunter, J.R. Pool, Sanday: a case for the Late Iron Age and Viking periods
Harding, D.W. & Armit, I. Survey and excavation in west Lewis
Armit, I. Epilogue: The Atlantic Scottish Iron Age

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